Netduino.. Speak!

I have finally taken some time to look at ThingSpeak.
A free online service where you can log data, which visualizes it in a nice graph.
I used the uPLibrary for .NET Micro Framework and used it’s classes for ThingSpeak in a small controller.

public static class ThingSpeakController
private static string _key = "API KEY GOES HERE";
public static void SendTemperature(double temperature)
var dataEntry = new DataEntry();
dataEntry.DateTime = DateTime.Now;
dataEntry.Fields[0] = temperature.ToString();
dataEntry.Location = new Location()
Elevation = 0,
Latitude = 51.049153,
Longitude = 3.702750
var client = new ThingSpeakClient(false);
client.Update(_key, dataEntry);
catch (Exception ex)
Debug.Print("Exception during ThingSpeak: " + ex.Message);


All this results in my Netduino logging its Temperature on ThingSpeak.


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