Meanwhile, back at the bat cave…

Working with resistors & soldering I wasn’t getting any data from the second sensor I tried. (BMP…)
So frustrated with this I flipped sides and started with Arduino. It’s there that I discovered the Grove Shield, a LOT easier to work with sensors this way. After getting it working with Arduino I discovered another board.

The Seeedstudio’s Linkit One. Lovely thing, it has WiFi, GPRS, GPS and is also Grove compatible.
For more information about my work with the Linkit One, visit Linkit One Blog .


But now I’ve finished a Linkit One version of my Home Monitor. So I’m back to Netduino.
Next I’ll try and create the same functionality with my Netduino as the Linkit One has.

Getting ready to buy the new WiFi version of the Netduino as well. 🙂


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